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A first of its kind solution. The OESIS Course Exchange enables you to fill under-enrolled sections cost-effectively while retaining control. Teachers in our Network provide the instruction in 50+ courses (that run LIVE online concurrently with your other equivalent sections) tracking your curriculum and with you controlling the grading. Here are key features of the Program below the quotes:

Michael Horn, co-author of Disrupting Class and NAIS Board Member: "OESIS has built an online offering to aid schools and students academically and economically --a double win for many."

Pat Bassett, NAIS President 2001-2013:  "Once again OESIS is leading the way for independent schools to follow in our collective quest to capitalize upon the technology and means to access online learning and coursework as an integral part of the independent school experience."

Raymond Ravaglia, Founder of Stanford Online High School: "Its been hitherto impossible for schools to meet increasing student choice demands with quality online offerings they control cost-effectively. These OESIS-X unbundled courses maintain quality, culture, and control without breaking budgets."

Heather Hoerle, Executive Director of Enrollment Management Association"OESIS leads the way in filling needs in the new independent school economy, by helping leaders control traditional expense structures without a decline in quality.   Here's to leaning into new models of efficiency and effectiveness in teaching and learning!"

A New Paradigm in Online Learning & Scheduling

- Live online instruction 3x a Week (180 minutes p.w./90 Hours p.a.)
- $5,000 per class per annum up to 6 students
- Classes are adjustable to your school schedule during the day (or after).
50+ core course subjects offered.
- Over 100 qualified teachers in network with online instructional background & training.
- Classes are paced to track other course sections you offer at your school.
- Classes use your curriculum and you conduct the assessments.
- You provide the Transcript.
- Teachers vetted by OESIS, demonstration class and teacher interview offered prior to final commitment.
- Curriculum and assessments from network schools can be sourced.
- Build a Resource Program using this model too and rotate students in and out as they need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pedagogical and curricular thinking behind this approach?

The biggest obstacle schools cite about why they are reluctant to use online courses offered by consortia is the lack of control.  Whether in pacing, curriculum, transcript, or even the ability to intervene, a school feels like they are handing off the course to someone else. This solution allows schools to maintain control but fill in the outside instructional capacity to clear scheduling bottlenecks. The classes will keep pace with similar sections running in the school and the OESIS-X teacher can act as an adjunct supporting a teacher of record at your school. The amount of instructional time offered live is equivalent to the amount of teaching time a typical secondary school teacher offers for a class: 180 minutes a week or 90 hours a year over 32 weeks.

What is the economic thinking behind this approach?

Many schools run sections paying an overload of $12,000-$15,000 when less than 7 students are enrolled and when their class size target load is 13-15. That represents a marginal loss they can scarcely afford. With this approach the cost is $5,000 plus whatever the school may feel compelled to offer the teacher of record doing the grading at your school, if this represents a load above his usual student load. If you want us to provide the curriculum and assessment, we can likely source that from a network school for a higher charge per student with the Transcript coming from that school. OESIS will not issue any Transcripts itself.

What will our teacher need to do to collaborate with the OESIS-X teacher?

The OESIS-X teacher, as with the students, needs to have a sense of the timing of assignments and pacing of the class from the teacher at your school. Your teacher of record will be responsible for administering the tests and providing the grade for the section.

Who are the teachers?

We have over 100. They come from a number of sources including independent school part-time teachers who have registered through OESIS-X outreach since November and teachers from the relationships we have with online providers serving independent school students. These teachers most importantly are online instruction trained and they naturally have the academic qualifications necessary. We can provide you the opportunity to watch sample classes that have been recorded by these teachers and allow you to talk directly to them, once you have confirmed formally your need.  OESIS President Sanje Ratnavale, Raymond Ravaglia who founded the leading synchronous online school in the sector (Stanford Online High School) and other Network Leaders by subject will vet these teachers.

Can we set the times of the classes upfront and fix for the year?

We have to set the times upfront and these can be during the school day as we have sufficient capacity to make that a reality across the country in the subjects offered. The classes are 60 minutes each and we can determine whether you prefer them to be split in a way that provides part of the time as one on one instruction for each of the students, if necessary.

Who manages the OESIS-X teachers and what happens if we have an issue?

OESIS is responsible for managing these teachers and resolving any issues with OESIS network schools.

Do we have to provide the curriculum?

There are a number of options available.  We expect most schools will want to use their own curriculum and pacing as part of maintaining control of the educational experience.  If you want us to provide the curriculum and assessment, we can likely source that from a network school for a higher charge per student with the Transcript coming from that school. OESIS will not issue any Transcripts itself.

Can we put a set of classes together back to back as a package to make it into a Resource Program?

Some schools offer Resource Programs and charge around $2,000 per semester for participation. These programs offer scaffolding for students struggling with the pace or content of regular classes. This Program can be used in such a way and instead of having the same students in the class you can rotate 6 students in and out. It is a great tool for a principal with support needs. You can combine two subjects such as Middle School Math and Social Sciences running live online with teachers available to help the students as they check in. We can require the teachers to monitor and report attendance and participation. And finally, you can cover your costs by charging parents extra for participation as most schools do.

Who provides the technology platforms for the course?

OESIS-X provides the live instructional platform. The course lives on your Learning Management System as with other courses including your own gradebook if you are providing the curriculum (or on the partner school or OESIS X canvas LMS if we are providing the curriculum with another network school). You will probably want to set up the OESIS-X teacher as a part-time Teaching Assistant or Observer so that he/she knows the pacing and assignments of the course to follow or provide a written guide of the sequence. The OESIS-X teacher does not need to see the tests but the students will spend time doing test corrections with the teacher as part of the instruction.

When do we have to commit?

We understand the process of scheduling at the end of the year. Register your interest early and start the process as soon as you get a sense from enrollments and likely section allocations what your overflow may be. If you are having problems with recruitment, then we recommend locking in this solution even earlier.

Can we get you to employ a part-time teacher we have?

Yes, if they have online training or are prepared to undergo it with one of our preferred relationships and have the requisite academic credentials we assume you would have checked. The full-time equivalent compensation for teachers part of the OESIS-X Program is $52,000-$65,000, depending on experience. Please send a resume to

Can we offer the teacher and the curriculum as a class but with no students of our own?

Yes. The classes on OESIS-X are the ones that have shown greatest demand so please first check them. We think as this solution grows schools will want to share electives but we see this happening in Year 2 and beyond.