OESIS London on March 24th/25th, 2015

School Hall

Time Topic
7.30 am- 9.00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast
9.00 am-10.00 am Keynote-Mark Milliron,”Emerging Insights on Learning & the Road Ahead”.
10.15 am-10.45 am Online & Blended Classes of the Future Expositions- Sessions A
A.1 Core Philosophies of Science & Humanities- Stanford Online High School (CA)
A.2 Sign Language- Barstow School and HLC (MO)
A.3 Performing Arts- Deerfield Academy (MA)
A.4 Medical Problem Solving- Global Online Academy (WA)
A.5 Physics- Cary Academy (NC)
10.45 am -11.15 am Coffee Break
11.15 am -11.45 am Online & Blended Classes of the Future Expositions- Sessions B
B.1 Biology- Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
B.2 AP U.S. History – Barstow School at HLC (MO)
B.3 Humanities- St. Paul’s School (NH)
B.4 Game Based Middle School Classes- ACS International (UK)
B.5 Advance Environmental Science- Cary Academy (NC)
11.55 am -12.45 pm Interactive Keynotes
C.1- Kevin Ruth, “Revolution or Evolution: Establishing an Appropriate Frame”
C.2- Town Hall with Milliron & Nachbar-”Future  Ready Independent Schools”
1.00 pm -2.00 pm Lunch
2.15 pm -3.05 pm Panels
D.1 Heads of School Panel
D.2 Technology Directors Panel
D.3. Design Thinking, 21st Century Spaces and the Maker Movement Panel
D.4 The Changing World of Quality Assessment of Schools and Courses
3.15 pm -4.05 pm Financial Sustainability
E.1 Tuition Models for Flex Online-Boarding and Flex Online-Day- EdMission Capital
E.2 Being More vs. Doing More- Online School for Girls & Hockaday School (TX)
E.3 Blending Education to Drive Sustainability- Calverton School (MD)
4.05 pm -4.30 pm Tea Break
4.30 pm -5.20 pm Independent School Entrepreneurship
F.1 The IS Shared EdStore for Apps, Tools & Textbook Content- OESIS/UCLA
F.2 Think like a Start Up- Online School for Girls
5.30 pm -6.30 pm Cocktails
Time Topic
7.30 am- 9.00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast
9.00 am-10.00 am Keynote- Heather Staker, Christensen Institute- “Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools”
10.15 am-11.05 am Pedagogy
G.1 The Value of the Synchronous Classroom in Online Environments- MSON
G.2 What is Excellent Pedagogy in Online Learning?- Eight Schools Association.
G.3 Teacher as Experience Designer -Global Online Academy
G.4 SPOCS- Small private online courses- Hybrid Learning Consortium
11.05 am -11.25 am Coffee Break
11.25 am -12.20 am Schools Launching Online Initiatives
H.1 Kiski School for Boys – Making the Decision to Start an Online Program
H.2 Oaks Christian- A Sustainable Blended and Fully-Online Christian School
H.3 Cary Academy- The Mechanics of Launching an Online Learning Initiative
12.30 pm -2.00 pm Lunch or Workshop Lunch
90 minute Workshop by Heather Staker on Blended Learning Implementation
90 minute Workshop on Edupreneur-Teacher Collaboration-Emerge/Eton
2.10 pm -3.00 pm Global Opportunities Online
J.1 Blended Collaboration Goes Global- Cary Academy
J.2 Online and Blended Opportunities and Partnerships in China- Barstow School
J.3 Global Online Learning: Pedagogy & Venture Philanthropy -Eton College
3.10 pm – 4.00 pm Recruitment Training & Evaluation
K.1 Finding Faculty with Pedagogical Skills for the Digital Age- Carney Sandoe
K.2 Eight Years On-Training, Retention and Management of Online Faculty – SOHS
K.3 The Faculty Blended Learning Development Team- Cary Academy (NC)
4.05 pm -4.30 pm Tea Break




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