OESIS-XP (Professional Development)

OESIS-XP is the first independent school fixed-price and unlimited-participation solution for Teacher and Trustee Professional Development. It is also the first that offers broad exposure to Innovation at independent Schools. After 5 years building our network, OESIS-XP has taken the 550 network schools online in a Program of 200 live online sessions (Webinars) at a fixed annual price per school. School Subscription is for 12 months from date of commencement. See some of our participating schools below.

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Emily McCarren, Academy Principal (9-12), Punahou School (HI): “The OESIS-XP concept has the potential to have a huge impact on nurturing conversations around innovation across schools. Being in Honolulu, we are eager to continue to explore models that connect our teachers across distances with great thinkers from other schools for job-embedded just-in-time learning.”

Joel Backon, Director of Academic Technology, Choate Rosemary Hall (CT): “OESIS-XP represents the best thinking in the sphere of professional development for independent schools. The variety of topics and flexibility of schedule brings colleagues together in a virtual setting that effectively matches expertise with need.”

Carole J. Everett, Executive Director, New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) “At a challenging juncture for many schools, professional development budgets may be slashed.  OESIS-XP provides another option for professional learning at the highest level that is both affordable and innovative.”

Elaine Swyryn, Dean of Faculty, Bryn Mawr School (MD): “A core strength of the OESIS-XP programming is that it models the very 21st century educational best practices that OESIS has endorsed all along. That is, it provides a learning environment that is both personalized and collaborative while using all the advantages of an online format. If your school wishes to effect and manage change, OESIS-XP is a powerful tool that will bring disruptive innovation affordably and conveniently to your wider school community.”

Jon Shee, World Languages Department Chair, St. Luke’s School (CT): “Anyone who has been to an OESIS conference in person can attest to the quality and applicability of the sessions and Think Tanks, so now with OESIS XP, the potential to bring so many more educators to the discussion table is exciting. I know that the teachers in my department could benefit significantly from this.”

Dr. Tekakwitha M. Pernambuco-Wise, Head of School, Sea Crest School (CA) “Life-long learning is an expectation for Sea Crest’s educators and is prioritized at all levels — from the boardroom to administration and all faculty/staff. Professional Development is equally important for small institutions as for larger ones, the difference being that smaller schools generally have fewer resources to allocate for this purpose. As a small, K–8 school the multi-faceted approach that OESIS-XP offers will enable us to further stretch our professional development budget.”